September 21, 2012

Indefinite Hiatus

by michaelmarlow

It is with ambivalence that I announce, beginning on October 20, I will suspend my dog walking and pet sitting service indefinitely. It’s been great to take care of all the pets I’ve been lucky enough to meet, but it’s time for me to try something new. I will be available for some dates between now and Oct. 20, so I may still be able to help you out in the meanwhile. Thanks a bunch to my clients, doggy and human alike! Keep walking, be happy. — Mike

October 29, 2011

The Happy Dog Walking Service

by michaelmarlow

****PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer offering service beginning October 20, 2012. Sorry I can’t be of help. Best of luck with your dog walking and pet sitting needs. — Mike ****

Welcome to the web portal for reliable and safe dog walking and pet sitting in Northern Berkshire County. My name is Mike Marlow, and I am a dog walker and pet sitter who is a dog person and animal lover. My whole purpose is to deliver a safe and happy experience for your pet while they are in my care. My primary focus is on North Adams, Williamstown, and Clarksburg, and Stamford, VT; however, if you are in a nearby town or city, contact me and I will do my best to work something out. Here are some of the things you can expect from my service:

  • Walks and/or visits tailored to your dog’s specific needs.
  • The utmost respect and care for your dog’s safety.
  • All-weather service (excluding unsafe conditions, e.g. thunderstorms, blizzards etc.).
  • A pet sitter alert to the mood of your pet and attentive to the details of their needs, dietary, medical and emotional.
  • A dog walker who can handle all canine sizes and personalities.


Rates are as follows:

  • Walks: $15.00 per individual walk/visit up to 1 hour. Rates for walks/visits requiring more than 1 hour will be negotiated on a case by case basis.
  • Sitting: $45.00 per day of 3 walks/visits; if you require me to stay overnight an additional charge may also apply.
  • Boarding: Dog boarding also offered (counting as 3 visits per day). Limited availability, please call me (413-652-2061) for more details!

***Please note: If your circumstance requires extraordinary care or special accommodations, there may be a surcharge. “Extraordinary” might refer to, for example, a dog with extreme behavioral issues. “Special accommodations” might refer to unusually long travel to render services or transportation of your dog. I will, of course, make you aware of any extra charge before an agreement on service is made.

***References available upon request.

About  Me

Writer, photographer, Celtics fan, dog lover. I volunteer with Sibling Connections here in Massachusetts. I have 32 years in this thing we call life, and I have called the Northern Berkshires home for most of my piece of it. I love the resplendent nature here in the Berkshires — a perfect paradise for me and my canine compatriots (the ticks notwithstanding!). I have dog walking experience in New York City, and I have taken a bite for my doggy charge before. I look forward to meeting you and your dogs!

To get your dog walking, contact Mike @ [PH# PLACEHOLDER] or fill out the form below:

July 23, 2012

Walk on, Stay Cool

by michaelmarlow

black lab shaking water off

With the hot, dry summer we’ve had, it’s important to remember your dog is sweating out there too! Well, she is panting more precisely, but hydration is important all the same. Sometimes there is a nice brook on your trail, but sometimes you are at the ocean (like Molly was in the picture above) or near a murky pond. It’s always a good idea to bring some fresh water whenever you go on a long walk or trip away from home with your best friend. I hope everyone is staying cool out there!

May 24, 2012

A Real Sham (Bow) Wow

by michaelmarlow

Leonberger lying on the ground

My newest client is Shambles the Leonberger! If you are unfamiliar with the breed, the quick synopsis is they were bred to look like lions; they are huge; friendly, loving and lovable; and did I mention they are huge! Shambles really is a sweet 1 year old puppy who wants to say hi to everyone and play with every dog he meets.

May 15, 2012

Still Number One

by michaelmarlow

Eddie the Chihuahua-Pomerarian Pup

In your hearts and mine. It’s Eddie! Thought I would share another picture of my steady client and super dog. 🙂

April 28, 2012

Dog Sitting While Having a Ball!

by michaelmarlow

Dog Sitting or Pawing Big Exercise Gym Ball

Literally! My friends’ beautiful pooch here is Meeshka; she is catching her breath after having mucho fun with her ball. She is doing her own version of “dog sitting.” Happy Dog Walking also does pet sitting for your furry, best friend; I just don’t have a big exercise ball. (Though, Meeshka makes a good argument for getting one!) Whether you have an emergency taking you out of town or vacation is coming up and you need the peace of mind of having your dog looked after with the utmost care and attention, I will give you and your dog the best service possible. No time period is too small or big, from one night on up, so give me a call! When you can’t take your puppy with you, you can always take heart in knowing s/he is in good hands!

Dog Sitting on Big Blue Exercise Ball

Dog Sitting on Big Blue Exercise Ball

April 25, 2012

When Your Dog Walker Takes A Hike

by michaelmarlow

Trail in Natural Bridge State Park

When I am not walking your dog, there is a good chance you will find me walking around one of the state parks in Northern Berkshire County. Natural Bridge State Park (pictured above) is a great little park with a light trail, some history, a marble white dam and some beautiful vistas. It is a great place for you and your dog to breathe in the good air and get exercise; I have also seen quite a few dogs coming and going here in the early Spring, so a little doggy socializing might be had as well (though, as always, know you’re dog’s limits and ask an unfamiliar dog’s handler about their dog’s limits if you’re unsure about an interaction)!

My favorite park is Clarksburg State Park which sits around Mausert’s Pond (pictured below). I don’t recommend dipping in the water yourself — there are leeches and sometimes high bacteria levels — but your dog might not have a problem! Just check with park staff (who monitor bacteria levels) for water safety and check for leeches after swim time is done. Either way, don’t let that stop you from enjoying a beautiful place! The park has some nice trails and a picnic area to enjoy and you can see anything from blue herons to green darner dragonflies to black bears!

Trees by Mausert's Pond at Clarksburg State Park

Now these are just two great places, which I happen to live close by, for getting out and having a good time with your dog. There are many great state parks in Berkshire County and throughout the whole state. If you’re not able to walk (or bike like Mike!) to a park, a ParkPass costs $35 for Massachusetts residents and gives you free parking to any state park in the Commonwealth. Personally, I think it’s a great deal, and once you get in the habit of getting outdoors you keep going back! I hope it is a very fun and healthy summer for you and your dogs, and I hope to see you out there!

April 23, 2012

Get Ticks Off!

by michaelmarlow

American Dog Tick with Forelegs in Questing position

It’s that time of the year! We are well into the tick season, and the insidious arachnids are out for blood, including potentially your dog’s! Ticks are probably most well-known and terrifyingly so as a vector of Lyme Disease. There are many horror stories about this disease out there, and for good reason, but that does not mean you and/or your dog can’t enjoy being outdoors in nature’s unspoiled glory. Because of the dry winter and early spring in the Northeast, authorities expect ticks to be in high numbers this year. Here are a few tips and tidbits that I have picked up over the years in my dog and nature photography experiences with ticks: Continue reading

January 31, 2012

KB Labs

by michaelmarlow

black labrador retrievers

I recently had the great pleasure to dogsit for two wonderful black labs, Kayla and Brittney. We had a blast playing fetch and kicking up snow! Brittney is in blue, and Kayla in red. Above they are pictured with my old baby girl, Molly. Continue reading

December 16, 2011

Stir Crazy Times

by michaelmarlow

Dog looking into snowstorm

The holidays have not reached us yet, but it’s almost January and February, otherwise known as Stir Crazy Times. A long, cold winter can bring most people down, and the same can be true for our dogs as well — especially if they are not getting the exercise they need. A stir crazy dog makes for a stir crazy owner. Sometimes the easiest way to decrease unwanted behavior (e.g. chewing up things, excessive or seemingly unprovoked barking, etc.) is to walk that pent up energy right out of a dog. If you cannot get your dog out in the cold weather for whatever reason, please contact me and I will help burn off some of that wintertime craziness!

November 23, 2011

Winter Walking!

by michaelmarlow

A winter Road on the Taconic Range, a day after an ice storm.

For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! But for others here in Northern Berkshire County, it is the most miserable time. To walk  our dogs, at least. Daylight is precious, the temperature is bitterly cold, and the snow is not making threats but promises. Sometimes it is hard to be hardy on the long winter road; between the subzero nights and white-out blasts, we can neglect our best friends’ exercise. That is where I come in!

If your dog needs a supplement to her daily winter routine or you would like to save some precious daylight time but still have your dog walking, happy and fit, I am your dog-walking man. Nights and snow, ice and temperatures below freezing, are no problem. Let her walk, let her walk in the snow!